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Alumni Students Testimonial

Erny Binti Jamaluddin

I am pursuing the Asia e University Executive Bachelor in Management programme to enhance my career. The well structures module of the programme encompassing the various functional areas of management has been instrumental in improving my knowledge on the various facets of management.

The Flexibility of weekend classes allows me to pursue my higher studies while allowing me the space and time to spend time with my family and career. The 2 days industry seminar that comes with the programme's and facilitated by industry leaders and experts has given me an improved understanding of current industry practices and challenges.

Siti Kelthom Binti Ismail

The AEU Executive Masters in Management programme has contributed tremendously to improve my knowledge and approach at work. The confidence gained through presentations, which forms an essential part of assessment components, has tremendous improved my communication and presentation skills at work. The oversea modules conducted in Perth, Australia has exposed me to an International Business environment and study the successful practice of blending various cultures to achieve industrial harmony and productivity.

I'm very happy with facilitator who posses good academic qualification in addition to possessing years of industry experience. The programme has made my dream of pursuing a practical Executive Master level qualification come true, through the life long learning initiative of Interface Group.